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Help your Community by Taking This Short Public Survey

Help your Community by Taking This Short Public Survey

What is the Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Plan?

The mandate of the CSWB Plan is to redirect local efforts and investments from:

  1. Short-term,
  2. Emergency-driven,
  3. Quick fixes,

to long-term:

  1. Social development,
  2. Prevention and,
  3. Risk mitigation

The goal is A sustainable community, where everyone is safer, has a sense of belonging and opportunity to participate; and where they can meet their needs for education, health, food, housing , income and social and cultural expression.

Why develop a CSWB Plan?

  1. It’s Legislated
    • Municipalities have to complete a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan by January 1, 2021. (This date has been extended due to COVID-19.)
  2. Decrease Calls for Service = Save $
    • Calls for incident response and emergency assistance continue to rise
    • Costs of policing and other emergency services continue to rise
    • Non-criminal, social disorder calls make up the majority of calls for service when police aren’t equipped to help in those situations.
  3. Healthier, Safer and Happier Community
    • The plan can identify ways to mitigate social determinants of health and improve access to programs and counselling that will pull vulnerable people out of the risk factors that are creating social disorder.