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Contact:Alex Horton
Postal Code:K0K2K0
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Description:Alex Horton is your local Market America sales representative. Market America offers convenient access to a comprehensive selection of the latest and best products the world has to offer. Our focus is on satisfying the desires and needs of our customers. See what we may have for you in the product areas featured below! HEALTH AND NUTRITION Market America has advanced nutritional supplements. Many of our supplements are in the isotonic format, which increases their bioavailability to over ninety percent. This means they are readily accepted into the bloodstream, offering up to nine times the absorption of other supplements. This increases the health benefits you receive for your wellness investment. HOME AND GARDEN WATER FILTERS Market America’s water filters use a three-stage process to remove chemicals such as chlorine, metals such as lead and fine sediments to improve the taste and overall purity of your water. HOME AND GARDEN CLEANING PRODUCTS Market America uses the latest in biotechnology to create products that occur naturally, that are environmentally responsible and that ultimately work. These products utilize a combination of microbial action and enzymes for a variety of highly effective household cleaning applications. PERSONAL CARE Market America’s line of natural hair and skin care products will help you look and feel great. Our lines include anti-aging skin care, bath and body, hair care, hand treatment, general skin care, and sun treatment.